This is our first blog entry on the new website and the first blog we have written in literally years so it’s about time we put something up!

We felt inspired by The Beast from the East and we’ve been out filming some of the extreme weather and extreme sports that have come out of it.

Filming in these conditions can be pretty tough, in the first one it was difficult to make sure the lens didn’t get covered in snow. In the second the main problem was trying to avoid snowballs!

Hope you enjoy them!

Shot down on Portobello Beach when Edinburgh had ground to a halt. No trains or buses running so what better time to go down for a nice stroll along the promenade. Was good to see we were not the only ones out there. Hats off to the cyclist!

Filmed at the Meadows in Edinburgh on a Saturday afternoon, this event was nothing short of pure mayhem! Lots of fun had by all and hopefully this could be the start of a new Edinburgh tradition?