We filmed Lesley’s story as part of a series of films we made for the Mental Welfare Commission to promote the use of Advanced Statements. The series took us around Scotland interviewing people with Mental Health issues and Mental Health professionals to kick start a campaign that would raise awareness of this initiative.
Lesley has a lot of different hobbies and we were able to utilise this in order to tell her story in a visual and interesting way.


Fatigue is a common challenge of living with myeloma and Lynn describes it as “like wading through mud” and having a “porridge/marshmallow head”. Lynn also discusses receiving her diagnosis of myeloma and how she focuses on making the most of every single day.


Pain affects up to 80% of myeloma patients at some point. In this film, Roger Preston talks about living with daily pain and, despite severe kyphosis (curvature of the spine), his remarkable journey back to playing as a professional cellist with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra following his myeloma diagnosis.


As part of Mental Welfare Commission’s Patient’s Pathways campaign we worked with Gareth, discussing his experience in Mental Health Hospitals. We shot his interview first and then filmed him in different locations and doing a range of activities to better show off his personality and tell his story.


As one of the films we made for the Golf Development projects commissioned by the R&A we followed Gemma Batty who is an amateur golfer and a student at Stirling University. We interviewed Gemma off camera about her day and then focused on capturing the right imagines illustrating what she talks about by filming her around the campus and on golf courses around UK.


This is one of 14 films we did for an Initiative called Jobfarm which had its successful launch at the Royal Highland Show 2018. The campaign’s aim is to  encourage more young people to work in the agriculture and to show them the variate of jobs they could do. Ben’s film as well as all the others took half a day to film with two camera operators on location.