Lamp of Lothian

The Lamp of Lothian Trust is a charity, founded in 1967 by the late Duchess of Hamilton to bring together “a whole community” by restoring some derelict buildings at the south end of Haddington and making them available for community use. The aim of this film was to show how important the Lamp is to the local community and what difference does it make to individuals.

The Hollies Day Centre

In this film we choose to follow one character to show the impact this charity has on the elderly community of Musselburgh. The film has been made to help the charity raise funds to continue their great work.

Ian Rankin Dinner

As part of 500 Miles charity fundraiser we filmed a variety of dinners hosted by celebrities. In this clip Ian Rankin invited fellow authors for a crime writers themed dinner at Mark Greenway’s Restaurant in Edinburgh. Things got interesting very quickly.

Highlights of the BIG Dinner programme

This clip was made for the BIG Dinner campaign organised by 500 miles. This campaign culminated in 2 x 30mins long programmes made to raise £500,000 for the charity which it successfully did.
The programmes featured patient stories from Malawi, celebrity dinners and music performances.