Business Gateway – Women in Business Event

We were commissioned to create a series of shorts films highlighting Business Gateway events and this one is one of them. With a short time frame to capture interviews and b-roll we wanted to show the energy in the room and what a great networking opportunity it creates.


We documented the partnership between Sparta Global, talent training tech company and NatWest Group who employs their trainees. The story is told by Spartans who are enjoying their new career and bank managers with a few words from the Sparta Global team to introduce the concept. Shot across one day at NatWest HQ with a crew of two filmmakers on site.

Vanilla Ink

This was filmed in a day at the beautiful Vanilla Ink studios with the aim to create a promotional video to encourage more people to take their courses.

University of Dundee – Business Masters Event

This film was commissioned by University of Dundee to promote its Business Masters programme showcasing the range of people who decided to study there and what their initial thoughts are.

Merchant Company of Edinburgh

This film has been made using a variety of different techniques such as timelapses, animations, interviews, voice overs as well as combining film and photography. This approach was used to connect the history of the Company to its work just now and to give potential members an insight to what the Company has to offer.

RBS Behind the Scenes

We followed the production team who created an advert for RBS to show the behind the scenes action on set. The filming took place across iconic locations across Scotland and has a fast flowing, run and gun style.

RBS Naf! Nails

This film was commissioned through an agency. We regularly work with detailed agency briefs and we understand the work we do needs to fit within a larger campaign.

Primary teacher education at QMU

We worked with the children from the Musselburgh Primary School to promote the new primary teacher course at Queen Margaret University.  We wanted to see what they think a good teacher should be like so we conducted a series of interviews with the pupils and this is the result of it.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

With the new GDPR introduced in May 2018 our client decided to sum up their policies in a short video animation called: How we manage personal information, to help people understand what MWC does with personal data. We worked with the clients brief and local animator to make sure that the messages are delivered clearly and in a visually interesting way.

The Sutton Trust Summer School

This film was made for the Edinburgh University to promote The Sutton Trust Summer School. The film was aimed at a young audience which is why we decided to make the interviews quite relaxed. The film centres around interviews with young people who took part in the summer school & talked to us about their experience.

Benefits of Recycling

We worked with the Waste Services team from East Lothian Council to produce a short film highlighting the ease and benefits of recycling in and around the house. We wanted to show the viewers what happens to the recycling waste once it leaves the household and hopefully this way encourage the public to recycle more.


In 2023 the Child Protection Conference ISPCAN took place in the iconic EICC and we were tasked to create a highlight from the 3 day long event, featuring some key speakers and attendees sharing their thoughts about the event.