Fishwives of Fisherrow

We have been very fortunate to secure funding from the heritage lottery to make this documentary about the fishwives of Fisherrow. We worked with young girls to explore the subject and find out more about this community which no longer exists.

Riding of the Marches – Junior Ride

This is a clip from a documentary about an ancient, Musselburgh festival. There was a large number of activities which we were covering and we were in charge of editing the content of the week long celebration into an hour long film. While being informative and showcasing the traditions, we wanted to keep it lighthearted and humorous where possible.

Sanderson‘s Wynd

This short film has been commissioned by the East Lothian Council to help find new headteacher for a local primary school. The unique aspect of the film was that pupils themselves were asked what they would like to see in the new headteacher which as you can imagine was quite a humorous insight into what the kids think is important.

Riding of the Marches – Tea Dance

This is a short clip taken from an hour long documentary about a festival which only takes place every 21 years. We’ve documented this week long celebration and tried to make it personal by interviewing local residents about the festival and the importance of keeping local traditions alive.