Junior Open 2016

This short film which covers the R&A junior golf competition uses multiple filmmaking techniques to make an engaging film that appeals to the target audience of teenagers and young people. Timelapses, slow motion, tracking shots and quick fire interviews are used throughout.

Jake Garton – Senior Charge Nurse

Filmed an NHS hospital, this case study focuses on a senior charge nurse’s opinion on mental health patients rights. We had to be very discreet and respectful to the patients in the hospital, making sure to adhere to their rights to privacy and not disrupt their time while in the specialist ward. To convey some of the more difficult concepts and ideas around mental health we filmed abstract shots to represent patients stories and beliefs about their own mental health journeys.

Liz Newstead

Filmed as part of a series of films that look at the Mental Welfare Commission’s work on Advance Statements for people with mental health conditions, this film follows psychiatric nurse Liz Newstead as she discusses her thoughts on the initiative.

Evergreen Golf Course, Canada

As one of the case studies that we filmed for the R&A we travelled to Canada to to document how the Evergreen Golf Course operates and what a golf centre can achieve when space to develop is limited. This 10 minute long film has been used to inspire other golf courses around the world to adopt new business practices in order to maximise their profitability.

How to Manage Waste on a Construction Site

Commissioned by the environmental protection agencies for Scotland and Northern Ireland (NetRegs) as part of a series of good practice videos, this film focused on a couple of construction companies in Ireland and northern Scotland and the work they do to minimise their environmental impact.

How to Prevent Diffuse Pollution on a Farm

NetRegs (the environmental protection agencies of Scotland and Northern Ireland) commissioned this film that shows how a selection of farmers responsibly manage the pollution generated from their farms.