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Raw Film Productions - Scottish video production company specialising in PR videos for websites, live event coverage and corporate advertising

Located just outside Edinburgh, we cover mainly the Central Belt but are happy to work across Scotland

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Commonwealth Baton Really

Posted on Jul 31

Working with East Lothian Council to help capture it’s involvement with the Commonwealth games was a huge honour for us and was the kind of project that we had never had the...


GoPro test during the Tough Mudder

Posted on Aug 30

Two months ago signing up for Tough Mudder was something I had no intention of doing. I didn’t know about orange headbands, I had never heard of an artic enema…all I knew...


Video as a tool for internal communication

Posted on May 1

Film is a great way of communication for office based companies. How do you visualise recent announcements within your company to your employees? Or how do you make an Annual...


Time-lapse trends

Posted on Apr 7

Time-lapse photography has been around for nearly as long as film, however with the advent of digital cameras, which either have a time-lapse setting or the option for an...


We are in today’s Herald!

Posted on Jan 7

IN the first SME Focus of 2013, we hear from two young people who have adopted an entrepreneurial approach to the problem of how to find work in a highly competitive business...


Just back from The Junior Open Golf Championship

Posted on Jul 20

That’s us back from filming The Junior Open with The R&A, saw some great talent while down there. Well done to all the kids and good luck in the future, we will be keeping...